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Everyone knows you can make money in the stock market. But did you know that the market is the number one way to invest your money?

This is not your grandpa’s stock market. “Buy and hold” (and bequeath) was replaced with “Buy low, Sell high,” which few investment professionals get right, even when the assortment of assets classes from Real Estate to Digital Crypto-coins have exploded onto the scene. This is a brave new market, and still the best place to invest and make money, period. But knowing how to make good trades is a skill. Most people wish to learn this skill, but don’t know where to start.

Most people take the low road of allowing someone else to manage their money. The money usually ends up in an underperforming mutual fund or over-diversified set of ETF’s, or worse yet, some cock-eyed configuration of “funds” underwritten by insurance companies that suck the performance and profits out of your investment and include a guarantee of that very, very low performance (annuities).

Friends, think about the purpose of the stock market. Ownership shares of companies that have the promise of earning power, price appreciation and dividends are OFFERED TO YOU to keep or sell in a public marketplace. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of property (shares of companies, in this case) are precious rights. The notion that only financial professionals belong in the marketplace is historically and fundamentally…

Not true.

There are really only two things that separate successful traders from everyone else—knowledge and experience.

So what’s the problem?

The average trader can probably execute a buy and hold trade. They just don’t know where to look for winning trades consistently.

There are thousands of “stock market gurus” out there who claim to know the secret to successful trading—but most of these “experts” have no idea how to turn their students into real winners.

90% of first-time traders will quit after their first loss. Instead, they’ll let other people manage their investment money—with zero accountability when things go wrong.

But what if we told you that there’s nothing mystical about the stock market?

What if instead of learning some “secret” or “hack” to beat the market, all you have to do is learn to recognize patterns? What if the secret to success meant becoming part of a community of truly successful traders, and gaining the expertise and confidence to pull the trigger on your next trade?

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"I’ve put in 3 months applying the Jade Bronco Method so far, and I have to say that Bronco’s coaching is worth every penny. Best investment I’ve ever made, period."

— Bryan Fox

Net profit: $44,000

Profit as a % of risk: 26%

Trading the Jade Bronco Method for 3 months

stock market trading coach

Into The Close - Our Daily Group Call to Find & Analyze Winning Trades

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Give us one hour per day and we’ll give you the tools and confidence to win big.

Does thinking about pulling off your own trades sound stressful? If so, you’re definitely not alone.

But don’t believe the misconception that trading in the stock market is “too tough” for the average Joe. We’re here to teach you that trading isn’t just easy—it’s also a blast. At least, that’s how you’ll feel after joining our daily group calls with Into the Close.

Spare us a single hour per day, five days a week, and we’ll give you the tools, expertise and support you need to transform into a pro trader—no investment firm needed. From identifying winning stocks and gathering insights from experienced traders making the same trades you are, you’ll kick yourself for not getting started sooner.

Into the Close is the BEST way to get confidence and start executing your own winning trades. In just one hour per day, you’ll...

Learn how to find trades that have the highest probability of winning from the start

Learn to quickly screen up to 4700 Stocks and ETFs for the best stocks on a daily basis

Plug yourself into a support system with a group of very highly successful traders

Get peace of mind by trading the same trades as other highly successful traders

Have access to these traders one-on-one, with 24/7 group chat

Learn why successful traders trade during the last hour of the open market

Get access to insights on the most successful trades without the fluff

Learn by doing—execute on trades that fit your personal risk tolerance

stock mentoring

"I’ve been making steady returns for almost a year now 100% based on Bronco’s coaching. One of the only investing “gurus” who actually knows what they’re talking about!'"

— Joan Walker

Net profit: $2,700

Profit as a % of risk: 19%

Trading the Jade Bronco Method for 9 months