THE best risk-to-reward market strategy. Bar none.

Our Synthetic Stocks approach is the best risk-to-reward program out there, bar none. With expert coaching in Synthetic Stocks, you’ll be able to capture profits more perfectly with bigger gains and less risk.

Compare win rates with other programs you see on the internet, and you’ll see that Jade Bronco’s Synthetic Stocks strategy is far more sustainable than your run-of-the-mill call or put strategy. High gains with rapid turnaround—that’s what Synthetic Stocks is all about.

Who is the course for?

Synthetic Stocks is built for people who want to win big in the market—and win quickly. The Synthetic Stocks derivatives training course will prep you to find and execute your own trades like a pro (without worrying about anyone else mismanaging your hard-earned dollars).

If you’re looking for a template or a blueprint for winning in the stock market, Synthetic Stocks will give you the tools and expertise to identify profitable patterns and know exactly when to pull the trigger. It really doesn’t get any more simple than this.

What you can expect to learn

Expect to go from minimal knowledge of stocks, options and derivatives to being able to pull off your own market wins—without relying on an “expert” to manage your money. Students in our derivatives training courses will understand:

  • Primary considerations for the best results on each trade
  • Where and how to find the best candidates to trade
  • When to choose a Synthetic Stock versus a single
  • Why Synthetic Stocks is a far superior strategy to a long call, long put, etc.
  • How to develop best practices and habits in order to avoid making mistakes
  • Which guidelines and circumstances net the best results
  • How to analyze risk, reward, and probability
  • How to spot high probability patterns for accuracy
  • Max gain on prediction
  • How short-term translates to shorter turnaround times
  • How to modify and reverse investments when impossible to predict market situations occur

Most people don’t want you to know this, but much of investor behavior is based on anticipating, recognizing, and executing based on patterns. With our derivatives trading training, we will teach you how to recognize these patterns yourself in order to make winning trades.

You’ll learn these fundamentals through a combination of one-on-one coaching, daily group calls, and access to our thriving trading community. Synthetic Stocks will empower you to get real results in the stock market—repeatedly.

If you have 5 hours to spare every week, we can teach you how to become a winner. It’s not magic, and it’s not as complicated as everyone makes it sound. Synthetic Stocks is a game changer, and we’ll prove it.


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