Learn how to get in, get out, and WIN with stocks.

Learn and apply professional chart analysis with company financials. Discover how to find market opportunities in real time based on price, price pattern, timing and trading volume to find and execute trades for the greatest potential gains possible.

Jade Bronco has one objective—to create successful, empowered traders who create their own explosive gains with a method that’s fully adjustable to your desired risk, cash flow, and desired gains.

Who is the course for?

Jade Bronco’s Stock & Equity Fundamentals course is built for people who want to win in the stock market. We get right into actionable advice and recognizable patterns, letting you start executing your own trades quickly and successfully.

Would you rather manage your own investments than let someone else risk your hard-earned money? Jade Bronco’s stock market education will teach you to be your own master and execute trades like a professional.

What you can expect to learn

You can expect us to teach you everything you need to know to conduct your own trades using repeatable, easily recognizable market patterns, with investments tailored to your own level of risk tolerance. Jade Bronco’s stock trading education will teach you:

  • What is a “technical indicator”
  • Simple and exponential Moving Average
  • Crossovers, Momentum Indicators and Probabilities
  • Volume action
  • Price Patterns (trend, breakout and reversal)
  • The best exit/entry strategies
  • Growth portfolio strategies
  • High dividend stocks
  • Financial Value Analysis
  • Price Earnings and Price Book
  • ETFs
  • Position Sizing Calculator
  • Trading Tactics—stop loss, trailing stop loss, buy stop, sell stop, etc.
  • Risk Management

Because so much of investor behavior is based on patterns, our stock investment education can quickly teach you to recognize these patterns for your own personal gain—investing with as little or as much risk as you desire.

By equipping you with these stock fundamentals, you’ll be able to understand the key factors that drive successful trades. After finishing our course, you’ll also have the confidence to pull off your own trades—repeatedly—for real results.

Can you spare one hour per day? If so, Jade Bronco can teach you how to become a stock market winner. Our system works, and we’re going to prove it.


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