Learn our proven trading method. Learn how to win in the Market, bull or bear.

1 hour per day, 5 days a week. Apply our method and see the results. It’s that easy.

The Jade Bronco Method is the easiest, most repeatable way to make money in the stock market, no matter what your level of risk tolerance might be. Our method will teach you how to analyze patterns and react to trends in the market, letting you achieve consistent, major gains on a monthly (or weekly) basis. If you have an hour per day to spare, we can teach you to dominate the stock market.


Bryan Fox

Net profit: $44,000Profit as a % of risk: 26%

“I’ve put in 3 months applying the Jade Bronco Method so far, and I have to say that Bronco’s coaching is worth every penny. Best investment I’ve ever made, period.”

Trading the Jade Bronco Method for 3 months

Joan Walker

Net profit: $2,700Profit as a % of risk: 19%

“I’ve been making steady returns for almost a year now 100% based on Bronco’s coaching. One of the only investing “gurus” who actually knows what they’re talking about!'”

Trading the Jade Bronco Method for 9 months

Joy Rios

Net profit: $13,000Profit as a % of risk: 48%

“Brian has helped propel my investment knowledge into a working strategy all my own. He’s the perfect combination of expert & cheerleader. You won’t regret working with him.”

Trading the Jade Bronco Method for 4 months

James Shope

Net profit: $10,300Profit as a % of risk: 19.5%

“10 sessions with Brian changed my trading. I’m actually making money. I wish I would have found Jade Bronco before wasting thousands of hours on other ‘coaches!'”

Trading the Jade Bronco Method for 45 days

Results-Based Investment Coaching

From fundamentals to advanced analysis, the Jade Bronco Method offers investors of all skill levels ways to make big-time money. Will you be next?

Fundamentals of Stocks & Equities

Learn and apply professional chart analysis with company financials. Discover how to find market opportunities in real time based on price, price pattern, timing and trading volume to find and execute trades for the greatest potential gains possible.

Income Verticals & Options Trading

Income Verticals are a high monthly (or even weekly) income generator. With verticals, I’ll teach you to generate income in almost every market condition. The Jade Bronco Method is heavy on applying winning strategies and light on complicated explanations of “why and how” it works—but it’s highly sustainable and highly repeatable.

Into the Close

Our community of successful stock market traders are here to help you identify the best stocks and ETFs on a daily basis. Spend just an hour per day with us, and you will:

  • Learn how to find trades that have the highest probability of winning, and pick your own winners on a daily basis.
  • Plug yourself into our support system with highly successful traders both one-on-one and via 24/7 group chat.
  • Discover the biggest secret that investment advisors don’t want you to know— picking stocks is easy!

Join our coalition of trading experts and start making profitable trades today!

Jade Bronco Formula for Success

Here’s our 4-part formula for turning market novices into empowered and successful investors.

1 on 1 Coaching

Get personalized, 1-on-1 coaching where you’ll learn our methods straight from the source.

Learn by Doing

Master our techniques with practical experience designed to make you a smart, savvy trader.

Daily Group Calls

Share strategy and analyze the market with fellow students to accelerate your understanding.

Trading Community

Become a part of our trading community and access insightful daily market pattern analysis.

3 Pillars of Successful Trading

Discover what makes our approach fundamentally sound, simple, and powerful.


Market Analysis

Most stocks follow the market. Position yourself to react to the market’s movement, instead of trying to predict it.


Technical Analysis

Learn a simpler, easier way to trade—how to ignore the noise, how to pick strong stocks, and when to buy and sell.


Strategy Management

Protect your investment capital with long-term strategy designed to create bigger wins and smaller losses on average.

“Jade Bronco’s method is so successful it’s scary. I see a pattern, I execute, I make money. It almost feels like cheating. Best online stock trading course hands down.”

Dr C.



What’s the biggest reason people choose Jade Bronco for stock market mentorship?

We want you to get rich. It might sound crazy, but most investing firms don’t really care if you make money or not in the market—as long as they make money. With our stock market crash course, we want to see you succeed and become a skilled investor in control of your own money and your own future.

Do I need some kind of account for holding the stocks that I buy?

Today, your broker holds an electronic version of your shares. This is referred to as being held in street name. This method is efficient, effective and precise records are assured by the NATIONAL SECURITIES CLEARING CORPORATION or (NSCC).

Are my stocks insured?

Yes and no. Your investments are insured should your investor or investing firm fail—however, your stocks are not protected against loss in value, nor are you protected from being sold worthless stocks or receiving bad investment advice from your broker. That’s why stock trading mentoring is so important.

How much money do I need to start investing with your online stock trading course?

The good news about training stock market skills is that the barriers to entry are confined to the minimum deposit required by the broker-dealer of your choice. Your barrier to entry has a lot to do with how much money you are comfortable with, not necessarily how much money you “need.”

Which broker should I use when I follow your stock trading mentorship program?

The one that suits you best. Most investors search the internet for trading providers and then compare what each has to offer. Their decision rests on a number of factors including service, functionality and ease of use, transaction prices, and reputation.

How do I place trades?

When you’re beginning your stock market training, the best resource for learning how to place trades is your broker. A brokerage depends on trading activity as a source of income. As such, they compete with one another to offer the best trade executions from the best platform.

How much time will I need to spend on a daily basis?

In the beginning, at least one hour a day of market engagement is suggested. To get the most of that hour, apply yourself to your educational materials, analysis of opportunities, and trade practice. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Does your stock market course recommend having a diversified portfolio?

There are two schools of thought on diversification. With a diversified portfolio, you reap a little of every loss and every gain. But wouldn’t you naturally want to over-allocate to better investments and under-allocate to worse ones? That’s where our method comes in.

What are the benefits of options trading?

Leverage, control of risk, and less capital for greater returns. Options provide an enormous leveraging advantage over stocks while offering the ability to clearly define risk limits. Options allow investors to participate in the growth of the very best companies without needing huge amounts of money to invest.

What do the words “bullish” and “bearish” mean?

Leverage, control of risk, and less capital for greater returns. Options provide an enormous leveraging advantage over stocks while offering the ability to clearly define risk limits. Options allow investors to participate in the growth of the very best companies without needing huge amounts of money to invest.

As my stock trader mentor, will you tell me which stocks to buy?

No—but with our system, you’ll be perfectly equipped to recognize market patterns and pick your own stocks with whatever level of risk you’re comfortable with. Our system is designed to turn you into a market pro without relying on investment firms (who usually don’t have your best interests at heart).

What’s this about group calls?

Many clients say ours is the best stock trading course for beginners, and our daily group calls are a powerful and exclusive resource that we highly encourage all people in our stock market training classes to take part in. With investing, you get what you put in—and these calls are an opportunity to share and grow alongside people who want to succeed as much as you do.




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