How Our Stock Market Mentorship Program Is Helping Our Students

November 24th

How Our Stock Market Mentorship Program Is Helping Our Students

Here’s what Bryan Fox, one of our students, and Into The Close community members shared with us recently. 


During this current Covid-19 “business break” and a great deal of personal emotional loss over the last year, I have taken back control of my stock portfolio.

I have actively managed my accounts in the past and have some experience, however, I felt like I needed to step up my game. So, I got myself a mentor or coach to help me along the way.

Brian Anderson has helped me to hone my skills. “Bronco”, Brian is known for, has helped me with analyzing patterns and utilizing repeatable methods to actively grow my portfolio. My portfolio as a whole has grown by more than 25% over the past 7 months. I use techniques that I have learned from Jade Bronco to provide an ongoing income during troubled times.

I actively buy and hold stocks that I feel have or will perform well as well as using options to provide a regular stream of income. What does that mean? I have most of my portfolio in stocks that will grow with the market. I also actively look for opportunities and options that will generate a more immediate income. 

I get asked from time to time if I day trade. I do not. I actively look and buy stocks and options using the Jade Bronco Method for a little over an hour a day.

I do not typically buy and sell the same stock on the same business day. I do not spend the day in-front of my computer. I get to spend time with my kids and do the things I enjoy (hiking, fishing, cooking, family).

I am not an not an expert at trading and the method helps me to formulate a plan on my trading. I use the Into The Close program to get trade ideas and value the group as a resource.  Thank you Bronco!


For a first-hand look at Jade Bronco’s Into The Close coaching program and community, CLICK HERE.


Bryan Fox is a Sales Leader with a unique understanding of equity funding and compliance for private placed securities. Over the last 4 years, he has helped hundreds of clients launch their own securities websites and raise over 100 million dollars.

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