How COVID Has Changed Investing, PART I

November 9th

How COVID Has Changed Investing, PART I

It looks like 2020 is coming to a wrap.  And what a year it’s been! Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak earlier this year, I have received a flood of calls and visitors to our website from people becoming more and more interested in learning how to trade in the market – stocks, options or Forex.  

And it makes sense to me because I speak with people all day long who are not only concerned about their physical, emotional and social wellbeing right now, but because most of us are not able or allowed to work from home, they have become worried about their financial health as well. 


How Covid-19 Has Changed The Way We’ve Invested This Year

Statistically, year over year, only 47% of Americans are invested or trade in the market. And that includes traditional financial instruments like 401K’s and IRA’s. But I think that may be changing with health concerns and the mandate for all of us to stay home as much as possible and “slow the curve”, stay home, stay well and stay safe. 

Since this pandemic broke out earlier this year, millions of people across the nation want to learn how to quickly become a successful trader and investor in the market. I saw recently where one of the online trading platforms recently boasted an increase in its client base from 10,000,000 to 13,000,000 in the first four months of the year.   


You Can Still Be Successful At Trading No Matter What

So many people want to trade in the market, like, right now. But the lack of knowledge and expertise, practice and especially the support to learn the skill set of a successful trader, most outcomes have been grim to say the least.  

Here’s some good advice published recently in The World Financial Review (that also just happens to mention Jade Bronco). There is some sound wisdom here for everyone who wants to invest. 

  • Don’t trade aimlessly based on feelings or emotions.
  • Learn and stick to a technique that best suits your finances. 
  • Always learn from the right people with the right experience.
  • Learn to analyze charting patterns and use repeatable methods of success.
  • To become a successful investor, learn from those who have a history of success as investors.
  • Verify the actual trading performance of any coach, program or advisor. This is the path to success as a trader.  

So how can you get started? Where do you go? It’s not just a drop in the hat.  To be continued…


Frank Priest is the Managing Director of Jade Bronco, LLC. After decades of taking sales teams from virtually zero cash flow to tens of millions of dollars, Frank has been instrumental in leading the Jade Bronco team to unprecedented levels of growth and profitability. *** "Remember, trading is as simple as putting a round peg in a round hole."

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