Discover explosive returns with the best online options training strategy available.

Income Verticals are a high monthly (or even weekly) income generator. With verticals, we’ll teach you to generate income in almost every market condition, regardless of your level of risk tolerance or cash flow.

The Jade Bronco Method is heavy on applying winning strategies and light on complicated explanations of “why and how” it works—but it’s highly sustainable and highly repeatable.

Who is the course for?

Our stock options training course will put you in the driver’s seat, teaching you the fundamentals of options trading and making you confident enough to pull off your own options trades for big results.

Would you rather manage your own investments than rely on someone else to potentially mismanage your hard-earned money? If so, you’re in the right place. As your options trading mentor, we’re going to teach you how to win.

What you can expect to learn

Expect to understand exactly how to pull off your own trades. Online training options trading isn’t as complicated as people want you to think—unlike other options trading training programs, we’re going to take you from total novice to success. Learn all about:

  • Primary considerations for best results on each trade
  • Reasons to choose a spread versus a single
  • Where and how to find the best candidates to trade
  • How to develop best practices and habits in order to avoid making mistakes
  • Which guidelines and circumstances net the best results
  • How to analyze income verticals
  • High probability accuracy
  • Getting max gains up or sideways (or even partially down)
  • Why short-term tends to be the answer
  • How to modify and reverse into directional trade for capital gain

Some students have called ours the “best open options training course available.” We want to show you that trading options isn’t as mystical as some investment firms would have you believe. You can and will execute your own trades once we’re done.

As your options trading coach, we will help you make sense of the core fundamentals that are part of every successful trade, helping you become confident enough to pull off these trades yourself and get real results—repeatedly.

If you have 5 hours per week to spare for options coaching, we’ll transform you into a market winner. That’s not hype—our options mentoring program works, and we’ll prove it.


Bryan Fox

Net profit: $44,000Profit as a % of risk: 26%

“I’ve put in 3 months applying the Jade Bronco Method so far, and I have to say that Bronco’s coaching is worth every penny. Best investment I’ve ever made, period.”

Trading the Jade Bronco Method for 3 months

Joan Walker

Net profit: $2,700Profit as a % of risk: 19%

“I’ve been making steady returns for almost a year now 100% based on Bronco’s coaching. One of the only investing “gurus” who actually knows what they’re talking about!'”

Trading the Jade Bronco Method for 9 months

Joy Rios

Net profit: $13,000Profit as a % of risk: 48%

“Brian has helped propel my investment knowledge into a working strategy all my own. He’s the perfect combination of expert & cheerleader. You won’t regret working with him.”

Trading the Jade Bronco Method for 4 months

James Shope

Net profit: $10,300Profit as a % of risk: 19.5%

“10 sessions with Brian changed my trading. I’m actually making money. I wish I would have found Jade Bronco before wasting thousands of hours on other ‘coaches!'”

Trading the Jade Bronco Method for 45 days

Jade Bronco Formula for Success

Here’s our 4-part formula for turning market novices into empowered and successful investors.

1 on 1 Coaching

Get personalized, 1-on-1 coaching where you’ll learn our methods straight from the source.

Learn by Doing

Master our techniques with practical experience designed to make you a smart, savvy trader.

Daily Group Calls

Share strategy and analyze the market with fellow students to accelerate your understanding.

Trading Community

Become a part of our trading community and access insightful daily market pattern analysis.


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