Why Jade Bronco?

We make options trading easy.  We make profitable options traders.

Take control of your portfolio. The Jade Bronco Method can provide you with an income replacement strategy, and can even double your returns across similar financial instruments.

It’s proven, documented, and the results are published daily.



I’m Brian Anderson, but most people call me Bronco. Unlike your typical investment advisor, our strategies aren’t designed to make me rich—they’re designed to make you rich.

I’ve been following the market for decades. I’ve worked at the largest independent fund management organization in the world, and I’ve traded every imaginable strategy for stocks, options, mutual funds and bonds. What I’ve learned is that the best investment firms are keeping the top strategies for themselves while keeping clients in the dark.

But I’m not an investment firm. I’m going to coach you on how to recognize profitable patterns in the market just like those professional investors. Apply the Jade Bronco Method, and you will see results. Here’s how…

3 Pillars of Successful Trading

Discover what makes our approach fundamentally sound, simple, and powerful.


Market Analysis

Most stocks follow the market. Position yourself to react to the market’s movement, instead of trying to predict it.


Technical Analysis

Learn a simpler, easier way to trade—how to ignore the noise, how to pick strong stocks, and when to buy and sell.


Strategy Management

Protect your investment capital with long-term strategy designed to create bigger wins and smaller losses on average.

“Jade Bronco’s method is so successful it’s scary. I see a pattern, I execute, I make money. It almost feels like cheating. Best online stock trading course hands down.”

Dr C.

Jade Bronco Formula for Success

Here’s our 4-part formula for turning market novices into empowered and successful investors.

1 on 1 Coaching

Get personalized, 1-on-1 coaching where you’ll learn our methods straight from the source.

Learn by Doing

Master our techniques with practical experience designed to make you a smart, savvy trader.

Daily Group Calls

Share strategy and analyze the market with fellow students to accelerate your understanding.

Trading Community

Become a part of our trading community and access insightful daily market pattern analysis.


Learn how to get bigger returns with a free coaching session from Jade Bronco.