7 Steps To Profitable Trading In The Market

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A highly successful twenty year career in trading and coaching individuals in the markets, is at the core of the Jade Bronco 7 steps to profitable trading in the market. This strategy has been tested over a ten year period of time, proven and the results are published daily. And at the heart of the Jade Bronco methodology is a twenty year vet of the markets, Brian Anderson. Yay!

Many Trading Markets

These days there are markets galore, from the stock market – equities and options trading – to Forex, to the multitude of products to the commodities market, and now digital currencies. These are called “instruments” of trading or investments. Choose a market and there are many ways to trade it. Most people are familiar with a “buy and hold” approach to investing. And you have heard that anyone can be brilliant in a market that is constantly in an upward trend.

Knowing the different types of trades in the market, when to enter and when to exit, and having a method or strategy for placing them can be the difference between a highly profitable portfolio year after year and quickly going broke. Markets, though, are a profitable place to make money, create wealth, work toward retirement or reach any number of personal goals. But investing in the market can also be a place of confusion and frustration for some.

Understanding Market Fluctuations

The market is very dynamic in that it offers so much opportunity to trade and it affords traders and investors alike, the up and down movement they can take advantage of every day. With this movement it is important to know that nothing is rare and that singular events are very common. Those who are profitable in the market realize that the market provides ample opportunity because of its fluctuations. It moves up and it moves down based on the behaviors of traders/investors.

Therefore, we are never at a want or hunger for opportunity in the market. Do hot be fooled! There are never more buyers than sellers in the market and vise versa. The market fluctuations boil down to exchange between accumulation, or those who have the ability to take advantage and accumulate, and distribution, or those who are engaged in selling off. And those traders and investors that have the ability to move a stock or sector know what they are doing, yet never publish what they know. If anything, they would prefer to misinform others in order to continue the practice of accumulation and distribution.

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Market Fortunes or Misfortunes

You hear about, or know someone who makes money in the market and there is a lot of money being made daily in the market. Someone has figured out how to make a lot of money in the market. The market is the land where fortunes are found, flaunted and fumbled, all at the same time. And in the middle of it all is our fear and lack of sound knowledge and a strategy for having great success all of the time. For example, options trading is one of the most consistently profitable trades in the market today.

So when you hear someone say “I’d never trade options. They’re just too risky,” we ask them, what if you knew you had a 90% probability and certainty that the trade will result in the win, just as you knew it would when you placed the trade? The answer is pretty obvious! If you knew that you had a 90% probability behind any of your choices in life, how different would your life be? Options are the most profitable trade in the market today, you just need a winning strategy that is easy to learn, easy to stick to, easy to repeat daily, and the discipline to stick to the strategy.

Having a successful methodology and being able to stick to that strategy and repeat it daily, are the keys to a profitable portfolio. Learning how to identify the best stocks with the highest probability for profit, knowing the best entrance and exit points and trading with confidence makes all the difference. In any given week there are over 4,700 optionable stocks in the market, from technology, banking and financial services, to health care and even utilities and real estate. Learning the right way to place a great options trade consistently, is always the key to profitability. The right approach to profitability requires a winning time tested strategy and some discipline in sticking to your strategy.

Ensuring Profitability In The Market

So, you have a good approach to trading. Now, how simple is it, and how effective can you be, in identifying actionable opportunities out of the thousands currently available, without a tested, proven and documented strategy? One of the reasons that people see the market as unapproachable is because of the variety and expansion of investment products. New trading instruments are being introduced into the market all of the time. Reits, (real estate investment trusts), ETP’s or exchanges traded products (ETF’s) Bonds, Gold, Commodities, even a digital asset like Bitcoin etc., are being added to the market. And it is intimidating.

7 Steps To Profitability In The Market

If your trading screen looks like this, you’re losing money.

When it comes to ice cream, studies show that most people are less satisfied with more choices. In the capital markets you stand in front of a vast variety of investment instruments, and the question of where to invest, how to invest and when to strike has become a daunting proposition because all these products have been melted into one very diverse “market place.“ It’s intimidating and takes someone with experience in this “markets within a market” to navigate them successfully, confidently, decisively, with proven and published results.

We always say, “get a coach!: Here is someone with a history of high success and profitability in the market, who cares about your outcome as well as theirs. We have a problem with self and pundit proclaimed gurus in the market. They sell “noise,” and compete for your time, your attention and of course your money, while draining your energy, focus and commitment to your goals. Remember that casinos in Las Vegas are built on the backs of losers, not winners. Gurus want your money. Market Makers want their percentages and brokers want their commissions. And they publish the gainers and losers each day in order to make you feel like you are missing out on something. We call them fee facilitators with commission breath.

A trader’s profitability comes down to their individual knowledge, experience, strategy, and their ability to quickly place a safe, high probability trade only after having done their own analysis.

The Jade Bronco Method

With all of this said, the Jade Bronco methodology for trading provides you with an income replacement strategy that can even double your current returns across all of your current financial instruments. It’s proven, documented and the results are published daily. No matter what our student’s goals are, be they:

  • personal income and replacement,
  • portfolio recovery,
  • retirement growth,
  • a nice home,
  • better vacations, or to
  • learn a skill set that can be handed down and taught to their family members and friends,

the strategy is easily modeled and repeated and will set them apart from others in their financial lives. Regardless of where you are right now in your financial life, or how far along you are with your financial goals, your market knowledge or level of trading experience in the market, The Jade Bronco strategy for trading and investing provides you with 7 sequential and actionable steps, specifically design and tested over years of research and development to provide consistent high probability wins, increase your profitability and double your money.

These are 7 steps that will allow you to identify those “in the paint” (to use a basketball metaphor) trades with the highest probability outcomes, correctly time your entry and exit points, properly manage the allocation of your portfolio and win all the time. We make trading options easy and profitable.

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Step One: Screener

Run your pre-built screener. A screener is an online tool that shows all of the information you need to select a stock to trade. Remember, there are over 4,700 optionable stocks in the market today. A good screener will take all of the guesswork out of which stock to trade. And for the average trader the stock screener will illustrate the conjunction where the high probability and high profitability on each stock meet. Author, Data Journalist and Information Designer David McCandless said in his TED talk,

“…by visualizing information, we turn it into a landscape that you can explore with your eyes, a sort of information map. And when you’re lost in information, an information map is kind of useful.”

A good stock screener does this. It scours the universe of tradables and brings back exact matches for further consideration. In an instant you will be looking at a very few, but the very best candidates for a profitable trade. Most importantly, screening takes all bias out of your trading. You now have a short list of the best potential trades, and are able to select “bullish or bearish” trades and move to the next step. Jade Bronco traders use a proprietary stock screener to narrow down specific trades that fit the methodology, ensuring that only those trades with the high probability for “max gain” are shortlisted.

To Be Continued…

Join us next week for Part 2 of 7 Steps To Profitable Trading In The Market.

Written By Jade Bronco
Love this box. "About." Here's who it is all about: YOU. It's never about me. Granted, what I give becomes my legacy in name, but the happier life you live because of realized gains, well, those are yours to compound in perpetuity. *** Brian Keith Anderson (a.k.a. Jade Bronco) is your personal coach and the intellect of this company, with decades of experience unmatched by none.
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